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  BlueFox, a system that takes care of you, your children and your parents!  The BlueFox Pool Safety System simultaneously monitors multiple swimmers of various ages and abilities to provide an additional level of safety for children, adults, supervisors and lifeguards.

 Active Mode: Pool is in use                Passive Mode: Pool is not in use

The BlueFox Pool Safety System is available for a range of applications including residential, hotel and public pools. We also have available a mobile system that can be easily installed in a pool that is not equipped with the system.

Whether it’s a large public aquatic centre or a private residential pool, the heart of the BlueFox Pool Safety System is the Monitoring Bracelet which monitors the wearer’s actual behaviour in the pool and triggers an alarm in the event that the wearer gets into difficulty. The bracelet monitors the swimmer’s depth and time spent at that depth and transmits an ultrasonic alarm signal to a submerged, wall mounted receiver should the swimmer exceed a preset time at that depth.

There are many situations where this can occur for both non swimmers and competent swimmers. Some children are tempted to play breath holding games underwater which can lead to hypoxia and eventual drowning. Head injuries can occur when a swimmer dives or falls into a pool, rendering them unconscious and prone to drowning. Some non swimmers cannot resist the temptation to enter the water, regardless of their inability to swim.

BlueFox provides additional safety for all these and many other potential life threatening situations that can occur in a swimming pool. BlueFox is scalable across multiple pools and capable of simultaneously monitoring thousands of swimmers in a pool that is equipped with the BlueFox Pool Safety System.



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