Hotel Pools



The Pro (active and passive mode) set is suitable for hotel pools, larger swimming pools and for swimming ponds with regeneration zones.
It comes with two underwater sensors, an alarm unit, a receiver (dongle) and a test unit.


  • monitoring bracelets
  • Additional alarm receivers (dongles)



Underwater sensor, flush mounted for:

  • Tiled or Mosaic Pools,
  • Stainless Steel Pools,
  • Foil Pools,
  • Polyester Pools


  • Ultrasonic Sensor can be removed from mounting ring for servicing (View image)


Master Alarm BUS(for bigger Hotel Pools)

  • Visual and 96Db Acoustic Alarm
  • Alarm box meets international water protection standard 65:

6. Totally protected against dust
5. Protected against low pressure jets if water from
all directions – limited ingress permitted

  • Must hold down on/off switch for 5 seconds to switch off
  • Tone sequence sounds as alarm box is being switched off
  • Power supply: 12 volt DC

BlueFox - Sensor

BlueFox - Alarm Box



Battery charger bars for 10, 20 and 30 Monitoring Bracelets

  • Allows charging of up to 30 Monitoring Bracelets simultaneously