BlueFox Mobile Pool Safety System


BlueFox Mobile Unit


The BlueFox Mobile Pool Safety System comes in an easy to carry and store blue hard case which includes a complete system to set up an active BlueFox Alarm system, at any pool location. Its mobility makes it perfect for mobile swim coaches, lifeguards, schools or clubs which use a pool venue which is not already equipped with the standard BlueFox Pool Safety System.

The system includes the following components:

  • A protective case which holds up to 30 Wrist Computer Units
  • Wrist Computer Unit charger and USB connection for PC and access adapter to BlueFox Control for reprogramming of Wrist Computer Units
  • Poolside Mobile Alarm Box with visual and acoustic warning to 92 Db
    • Keyed switch On/Off Mode
    • Power supply rechargeable batterie 12 Vol
  • Alarm Receiver Sensor unit suits all sizes of pools (connected to the Mobile Alarm Box)

About the Wrist Computer Units.

  • Wrist Computer Units have rechargeable batteries and a red and green LED to show battery and alarm status
  • Wrist Computer Units automatically switch to on when they are immersed in water (through water contacts)
  • Available in four colours; blue, red, yellow and grey. Each wrist unit is re-programmable according to swimmer’s ability
  • Quantity of wrist computer per sensor is unlimited

    Instruction Mobile System

    Instruction Monitoring Bracelet