Monitoring Bracelet

The key to the system is a monitoring bracelet worn in active
mode by everyone using the pool. The computer measures both the depth and the time under water by constantly measuring the distance between the swimmer and the water’s surface. The distance can be set to between 5 and 125 cm and as soon as a swimmer goes below the programmed depth, a stopwatch begins to count the seconds. This can be set to anywhere between 5 and 95 seconds.As soon as the presetinterval expires, the monitoring bracelet sends an ultrasonic signal that is detected by a receiving sensor installed in thewater. This in turn is connected to an alarm unit that triggers both an acoustic and visual alarm.


  1. contains a micro-computer
  2. monitors time and depth under water
  3. depth and time is programmable from:  5 cm -125 cm and 5 seconds until 95 seconds
  4. allows diving and swimming wihout triggering an alarm: 
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  5. iautomatic switch-off mode after 20 sec. of motionlessness of the monitoring bracelet   
  6. automatic standby activation when monitoring bracelet is moved
  7. automatic switch on when immersed in water 


Green LED:
           • flashing every 5 sec: Unit charged and ready for use (Standby)
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           • flashing twice every 5 sec: monitoring bracelet is under water and has watercontact
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Red LED:
           • flashing continously – Batterie needs to be charged
             – Batterie capacity is approx. 3 months (average operation time of 3 hours/day under water)
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           • flashing 5 times in a row, then pause for 1 second  – Alarm has been triggered
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