Public Pools

How BlueFox works?
Swimmers wearing a monitoring bracelet are monitored by the (microcomputer) BlueFox system.  BlueFox is a unique pool safety system that helps you to avoid accidents involving drowning. The computer measures both the depth and the time under water. As soon as a swimmer goes below the programmed depth, a stopwatch begins to count the seconds. As the preset interval expires, the monitoring bracelet sends an ultrasonic signal that is detected by a receiving sensor installed in the water. This in turn is connected to an alarm unit that triggers both an acoustic and visual alarm.   


 Master Alarm BUS

    • Visual and 96Db Acoustic Alarm
    • Alarm Box meets international water
      protection standard 65
    • Power supply: 12 volt DC
    • Pool-Layout

Sensor (underwater replacable)
Ultrasonic Sensor can be removed from mounting ring for servicing



Battery charger various sizes for Monitoring Bracelets   


Integrated access controll system for public pools
Integration of RFID Chips


Radio System
Kenwood contains 1 handheld unit, Basic station,
fast battery recharger,Software, (subject to license)


Installation Manual Sensor flush mounting system

Video sensor installation